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Case study: Food Matters Live

The challenge

The organisers of Food Matters Live had created an amazing caterpillar comprising of all types of specific brand breakfast cereals. This unique exhibit, standing at 1.6m x 2.4m and with an overall gross weight of 150kgs, created a lot of publicity and interest and so was of extreme importance to the organiser.

Further challenges were discovered, as the very fragile caterpillar was not wrapped or crated for transport. In addition, the organiser needed to amend their original shipping schedule so the caterpillar was to now be delivered the night before show opening. This meant that specialist overnight storage was essential to avoid any damage to the item.

The solution

Agility devised a unique solution for such a unique challenge. Firstly, extensive advice was provided on how to prepare the caterpillar for transport to ensure no damage would be done en-route. After arranging for the collection of the caterpillar to be as late as possible to minimise the amount of time the caterpillar would spend in the warehouse, Agility suspended the caterpillar off of the floor and cleared the surrounding area to ensure that the caterpillar remained in perfect condition.

The results

Agility’s creative solution ensured that the caterpillar was in pristine condition for the show, an essential outcome to provide a fun visitor experience and commercial benefit for event stakeholders.

“We have worked with Agility Fairs & Events during the development and growth of Food Matters Live and they have been one of the main contributing factors in helping us to develop strong working relationships with our exhibitors and partners. Agility provide a unique, individually tailored service for our clients which is second to none. Our clients in the food and drink industry demand a high level of service and Agility provide that in abundance.”

Michael Costain

Event Director, Food Matters Live

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